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We all know that forests are very important for maintaining ecological balance and global warming nowadays. Also, earlier forest covers lots of region but as of today there is rapidly cut off due to industries and on the name of development. The amazing thing is that we know the terrible side effects of this, yet we continue to do so.

Trees release oxygen in the air, prevent pollution or harmful gasses like carbon-dioxide in the air, avoid climate change, protect us from dangerous ultra-violet rays, not only that our medicines are also made from these trees, and how useful they are... But we deforest-rating , today it is the need of the hour that we should stop the cutting of trees as soon as possible and grow them in large quantities. Which can help us maintain ecological balance and reduce the effects of global warming in particular. The team of I Can Foundation planted more than ten thousands of tree in last year itself in cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, Jodhpur, Agra.

Tree plantation is not just something that should be done; instead, it is a necessity, the urgent need of the hour. Planting of trees is especially important to protect our environment against air pollution and global warming. To this end, our young volunteers have been actively involved in organising tree plantation campaigns. You may also get involved in such campaigns near you by volunteering at I CAN.

In a compartmentalized world, the rights of women and those of children have often been promoted in isolation from one another.

"I CAN" shows how discrimination and other human rights violations against women affect children and vice versa.

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We are effectively working for major development issues: promoting the human rights of adolescent girls, eliminating child marriage, Gender equality, the protection of human rights, especially of children, survival, protection, development and participation of every child and women of India.

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