No Plastic Initiatives

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No Plastic Initiatives

No Plastic Initiatives

The way in which the use of plastic is increasing rapidly in today's time, it would not be wrong to say that now we should look back and see the damage done by this plastic and be alert for the future. The way we are facing the climate change issues, people living in marginalised sections of world have to face a lot of difficulties. Now the time has come to not to use plastic anymore, it could be started by banning making and using of the most dangerous single use plastic (SUP). I CAN Foundation volunteers joined hands and motivate people to not use Single Use Plastic (SUP) as it is very dangerous for environments, instead they can use cloth or paper bags. We are organising awareness camps in residential areas, corporate offices, school, colleges. I CAN Foundation initiate this projects to give importance of paper and cloth bags. The initiative will replace the plastic bags usage and will save the environment, Also give employment to women of our UDGAM Centre. Women from our UDGAM centre makes cloths bags these cloths material we collect from the donation drives across India to recycle the material in some good means.

In a compartmentalized world, the rights of women and those of children have often been promoted in isolation from one another.

"I CAN" shows how discrimination and other human rights violations against women affect children and vice versa.

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We are effectively working for major development issues: promoting the human rights of adolescent girls, eliminating child marriage, Gender equality, the protection of human rights, especially of children, survival, protection, development and participation of every child and women of India.

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