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Projects for Child Education


Access to education should not be a privilege, it is a right to rise above any religion, caste or poverty. And despite this, 60 million children are unable to attend school, most of them girls. Providing education to children, no matter where they are from, is one of the biggest and true steps towards ending poverty can anyone take.

We I Can Foundation focus on refining the conditions by which children can receive quality education, especially among girls in marginalised or less privileged communities. To do this, we work closely in rural, slums, semi rural and villages. Education is a major tool that enables girls and women to participate in and voice decisions that can affect their lives, which can certainly improve their social status in society. We are committed towards the provision of education and their rights and empowerment of girls from the most marginalised sections of society and to enable effective implementation of a strong and inclusive and gender sensitive environment.

I CAN International

I CAN FOUNDATION a dream empowers us to cherish the life of impoverished and ignored people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity and flourish in a fast changing world. We are blessed by God who enables us to practice and processes efforts to build the dream of countless people. I Can Foundation is about instilling the 'Yes, I can' confidence among the less-fortunate people.

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School Adoption Initiative

Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality. In India, 75% of children study in government schools. In spite of enormous efforts by the government, even among higher grade students, an alarming percentage cannot read or write even in their mother tongue.

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'SLATE' - Path For Knowledge

Investment on children is an investment for generations. Investment on children is more productive than any other investment in any sector. The under privileged children were discriminated and delinked from the quality education because of their poverty, parental illiteracy and casteism. In this context, I CAN has made conscious efforts to promote children development through various strategies which are given below:

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Sponsor a School Kit

On addressing the issues related to less privileged or marginalised communities children of government school in rural, semi rural and slum part of India, We see that dropout rate in government schools is much higher then exception.

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In a compartmentalized world, the rights of women and those of children have often been promoted in isolation from one another.

"I CAN" shows how discrimination and other human rights violations against women affect children and vice versa.

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Our Causes

We are effectively working for major development issues: promoting the human rights of adolescent girls, eliminating child marriage, Gender equality, the protection of human rights, especially of children, survival, protection, development and participation of every child and women of India.

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